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Spring has Sprung! It's time to go Camping

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Hey All,

Wow! What a winter!  Here in Tennessee we have had the worst winter in 30 years!

Here at Lebanon RV Center, we have a full service center and we are seeing the effects of this past winter on our customers campers.

Please check the following on your camper right away:

Roof Caulks and Seals:  

We had several days in a row that it warmed up just enough to melt the snow and then the temperature dropped very quickly to the low teens.  This allowed the water to penetrate very small cracks in the caulk and then flash freeze.  Water expands as it freezes.  Each day the cracks would get wider, until the water finally starts to leak into the roof of the camper. 

Even if you don't see any damage or signs of water in your camper, please check the roof and gutter trim.

Your roof has insulation just like your house (some campers have foam in the roof).  The manufacturer installs this insulation with the "Pink" side up.  Because this is fiberglass based, it will hold the water like a cup and rot the roof from the bottom.

Please remember, if you can purchase it at your local home improvement store, do not put it on the outside of your camper.  All of the caulks and sealants that are sold at the local store are for "Static" buildings.  These caulks will NOT adhere properly and will actually channel water into the cracks as they loose their adhesion.

Campers are designed to twist and expand and contract.  The caulks designed for the RV Industry have better adhesion and elasticity properties.

Always use exactly what the manufacturer used.

For EPDM Roofs us Dicor Self Leveling Caulk (Lap Sealant) - Item: 501LSW-1  We have this on sale for just $8.91 a tube.  Normally it sells for $10.50.

For Alpha Ply, Diflex or PVC Roofs use RMA XTRM Self Leveling Sealant - Item: 27034143  We have this on Sale for Just $9.91.  Normally it sells for $11.49

Don't forget that the surface needs to be very clean before you apply the new caulk.  We use a 5 gallon bucket with hot (not scalding) water and 1/4th scoop of Tide Washing Powder (no bleach or fragrances).  Tide will cut the grease and dirt and will also return the roof to the proper PH balance.  Use a small scrub brush to really get the old caulk clean.

Rinse very thoroughly.  We use the wash brush and run water brushing the roof to remove any residue from the Tide.

If you have any questions or just need some advice or help.  Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

615-784-4334 or Greg@LebanonRVCenter.com

Happy Camping All!